About The Museum

The Leechburg Museum is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of all things Leechburg, PA.

The Leechburg Area Museum was originally opened in a small yellow brick house at 116 First Street in 1976 as a project of the Heritage Division of the Bicentennial Committee of the Leechburg Area. Through the hard work and generosity of the community at large the museum and its collections have grown a lot as the years have passed. On August 5th, 1991 the Leechburg Area Museum and Historical Society purchased the adjacent property at 118 First Street from Dr. Courtney Bishoff. The building, then a dentist's office, was once the property of founder David L. Leech. Constructed in the 1830s and gifted to his son David F. Leech, the structure is among the oldest in town.

Since 1991, the Leech house has been home to an ever-growing collection of local area artifacts and art. Our collection involves everything and anything related to our area's past. 

Our collection consists of a wide range of items on display so that visitors may gain a better, more visual understanding of our history. Displayed items include canal stones from the Pennsylvania Canal, tools, products and historic photographs from some of the area’s industries, along with signs and other artifacts from Leechburg area businesses. Our “School Rooms” are devoted to the history of the area schools and include Leechburg High School Minetas, sports team photos, uniforms, and more, as well as personal items of past residents. Paintings from local artists are on display in our gallery. We also have many historic photographs of the town through the years, history books, a vast collection of Leechburg Advance newspapers (online for Museum Members), furniture, Leechburg postcards, period era clothing, and more.

Upstairs, we have our “Military Room” where the uniforms of our local veterans are on display. We also have a research library filled with interesting, rare, and exclusive documents dating back to Leechburg's earliest existence. 

So, plan a visit to the old hometown. Spend an afternoon in the David Leech House. Learn about Leechburg, Leechburg's past, or your own family's past. You can even pick up an old Minetas yearbook for your collection, a Leechburg Museum tee-shirt, or the Leechburg Anniversary books for a small donation.

The Leechburg Area Museum is also home to a free Genealogy Group that meets at the museum on the first and third Thursday of every month.  Come down and let Judy, Carolyn and the others show you how to research your family history. The free Genealogy Group is free.