How to get a Museum membership

We all know that nobody enjoys construction. It’s messy, difficult to navigate and always slows us down. The museum is currently building a portal to allow patrons to acquire and pay for memberships through the website but its construction is not yet complete. As so many people have expressed interest in gaining an online membership, we have a simple work-around for anyone who doesn’t want to wait for our construction to wrap up.

Memberships are available at three levels, “Family or General” is $15 per year, “Patron” is $30 per year and “Life” requires a onetime donation of $125, student memberships are no longer available. Each level of membership includes access to the Leechburg Advance database.

Those of you wishing to join in the support of the preservation of our local history by purchasing a membership can do so now if you wish. Simply go to our home page at and click "Step Inside." Then, scroll down to the “Donate Today” section and click on "Donate Now." You can use PayPal, credit, or debit to make a general donation in the amount equal to the level of membership that you desire ($15, $30 or $125). Next, send an email to us at "" with the name, address, telephone number and email address of the person you are purchasing the membership for (yourself or a gift to a friend). The process will take approximately 24 hours as we will have to build the membership manually but this will be much faster than waiting for the construction to be completed.

Our thanks to our members and perspective members for their support.


Welcome to our new website!

Today, we commemorate the World Wide Web's 30TH birthday. To celebrate, we have launched our own brand-new website! (Since we love history, we have archived our old website for you to see at any time!)

Many features of the new website are already active, and others are on the way! For example, you can return to this page in the future for our most recent "blog posts."  (A blog is short for "web log", so, when we post new data on the blog, you will see it here!)